The Society for the Conservation of the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage


Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH)


ATO JARA HAILE MARIAM is the General Manager of Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (ARCCH), which is the national authority responsible for the cultural heritage of Ethiopia. In the image above we see him meeting the German Ambassador in Ethiopia, on March 9, 2011, on account of the opening of a joint office of Tigrai Culture and Tourism Agency and the German Archaeological Institute located in Aksum. ARCCH is a branch of the governmental activities and their offices are located at the compound of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Addis Ababa. SCECH has by its Project Manager, Mr. Lars Gerdmar, since several years established a close contact with Ato Jara Haile Mariam and this institution. Several appointments on account of the planned project of conservation and education have been discussed here. ARCCH is fully informed about the planned project of conservation of Debre Selam Mikael, the apprentices education, which constitutes part of this, and gives this its whole-hearted support. ARCCH has issued several permissions as regards the preparatory work for the project and has in every sense been co-operative. As we are starting our activities in Tigrai and the practical issues of the Debre Selam Mikael conservation are prepared in collaboration with the subdivision of ARCCH: the Agency for Culture and Tourism in the National Federal State of Tigrai (ACT), the latter institution is, as regards the practical issues in Tigrai, our closest collaborator. However, as ARCCH is the superior institution for the Ethiopian Cultural Heritage as a whole, this institution is a most important collaborator.Learn more: ARCCH, Addis Ababa and ACT, Mekele, Tigrai




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